7 Things Ladies Do That Are Weird But Really Aren’t

Women are complex creatures and just like the rest of the human species , they tend to do things that are weird from time to time. Some of these weird things might be due to our perception of them but if such are critically examined, chances are we’d realise that

Actress Benita Nzeribe Is Down With Fever

Nollywood actress, Benita Nzeribe, has been hit with malaria fever, and she is currently receiving treatments.The gifted actress, who was back home from a movie set yesterday, told Naij.com correspondent in a phone chat this that she must have caught the ailment due to her busy schedule.

Popular Nigerians Singer Goes Deaf Promises More Hits


In as much as music is the food for the soul, excess of it might have adverse effect physically or emotionally as excess of anything is bad.Nigerian music star, Burna Boy is currently experiencing a tough time as his right hear is not functioning as expected due to excess music.

William Ifeanyi Moore: Is Your 9 to 5 affecting Your 5 to 9?


Contrary to popular belief that marriage has always been about romantic love as historical fiction might have us believe, the notion of marrying for love is actually not more than 200 years even in the so called ‘developed’ world. In Africa most of us can still cite polygamous marriages from