What Is The Right Amount Of Sex To Get You Pregnant?

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye recently revealed they have been having sex as much as 500 times just for a second baby, but is that the right amount of sex or it’s less? The truth about such situation is that getting on IT several times a day is no

Seven Things We Want From Women But Will Never Ask

I have heard women say that men are the most complicated beings on earth which might be far from the truth only if they understand the things we want from them. It is quite unfortunate that most women think all that men want from them is sex ( that might

Incredible Facts You Never Knew About The Vagina

Perhaps due to religious and cultural norms in some climes of the world, the reproductive organs of both males and females were barely discussed. This has however changed as we try to understand our bodies better especially as regards having optimum sexual fulfilment. Both the male and female reproductive organs

Feminine Tattoos And Their Meanings

It is no lie that women seem to be more free spirited in this generation of ours. A lot of women have let go of all the conservative barriers and do what they deem suitable. It is estimated that 45% more women have Tattoos inked on which has further laid credence

#Ladies Only: How To Tell If Your Guy Is Still A Virgin

Well, you are wondering if this new, sexy and charming dude is a virgin or maybe he is just lying so as to get into your honey pot. You’ve fallen for him but you want to be sure if it is real and if he is actually telling the truth. Look

Science Explains Why Men Like Women With Curvy Shapes!

From the ‘Break The Internet’, bootylicious Kim Kardashian photo for Paper Magazine to hit songs like ‘All About That Bass’, ‘Booty‘ and ‘Anaconda’, we can definitely say that women with curvy booties will continue to remain in the spotlight.

Too few women at the top, says Clinton, Gates

L-R: Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates Three women with global clout — Hillary Clinton, Melinda Gates and Chelsea Clinton — released a sweeping report on Monday showing that women are still far from winning equality in leadership positions.

Boko Haram Mass In Gwoza, Ask Women, Children To Leave


The members of the terror Boko Haram sect are currently massing in Gwoza, several residents killed, AFP says. They being moved from a number of their earlier seized towns by the multinational forces have converged on Gwoza, Borno State where they prepare to confront the troops.

Igbo Women In Anambra State Endorse Buhari


Igbo women under the aegis of the Amoji Women Association, Anambra state, have mobilised massively in support of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, in order to boost his chances of winning the upcoming election. The spokeswoman of the group, Bernadine Ifeoma Eloka, speaking with journalists in

Anne Adams: The Shattered Dignity of the Modern Black Woman


In our society today, nudity has eaten deep into the roots of black heritage and culture. Public display of the female body parts is now applauded and accepted as a norm by society itself. The objectification and hyper sexualized images of women displayed by the entertainment media, is now a