Taraba women demand 40% appointments from Gov. Ishaku

Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State Mrs Virginia Bambur, the President, National Council for Women Societies (NCWS), Taraba chapter, said women in the state would not accept anything less than 40 per cent appointments in Governor Darius Ishaku’s government.

The 5 Best Times To Have Sex

In The Morning Morning sex is the most important meal of the day. You’ll look better and feel relaxed.

7 Things Ladies Do That Are Weird But Really Aren’t

Women are complex creatures and just like the rest of the human species , they tend to do things that are weird from time to time. Some of these weird things might be due to our perception of them but if such are critically examined, chances are we’d realise that

Things Men Hate About Women

Let’s face it, women are full of drama. Hardly will a day go by without one drama. It is as if we thrive on it and the men in our lives are sometimes understanding and will overlook our shortcomings but there are days or some things we do they just

FUEL SCARCITY: How Lagosians Are Getting Fuel (PHOTOS)

With queues still mounting in filling stations in Lagos due to sprinkling scarcity of fuel, the black market seems to be here to stay except something is done to make fuel available. Everything in Lagos is done in a rush and people don’t seem to have the time to be

5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Misogynist

Misogynist abound and are much more common than we all think. Misogynist are men that believe that men are overall better than all women. Men that fall in this category believe that women are not equal with men and both genders should not be placed in the same pedestal.

Top 5 Ways To Enhance Female Fertility

Exercise And Diet If you want to boost your fertility rate, be conscious of what you eat and engage in regular exercise so as to keep fit. Unhealthy food intake whether too much or too little can contribute as a factor to infertility.

Ladies! Perfect Steps To Shapen The Eyebrows

The first thing to do is to shape the hair of the region to your desired pattern with a new blade, get a well sharpened pencil that blends with your skin color Well Sharpen Pencil Hold the pencil vertically, mark the inside edge of your brow and line up the

Amnesty: Aggrieved Niger Delta Women Warn Buhari

Hundreds of angry women from the nine states of the Niger Delta region have warned President Muhammadu Buhari, following the dismissal of 13 ex-militant youths trained as pilots by the Lufthansa Airline Training School in Frankfurt, Germany. Other ex-militant youths from the region have also been sent packing by their

William Ifeanyi Moore: Sexonomy

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit over-stressed (this Lagos living has to be practice for hell), so instead of the introspective tone I normally write with, I have decided to let my hair down a bit (figuratively speaking). Sex…seemingly a free commodity with no regulations— of course

See The World’s Ugliest Eyebrows

Shaping the eyebrow is important amongst ladies because eyebrows make the face beautiful, balance the features and frame the eyes when properly drawn and shaped. However some people get it wrong.

6 Ways You Don’t Know You Are Ruining Your Relationship


The truth is a relationship can record little or no success without a relative amount of effort from both parties involved in it. The irony of this fact however is that even as you sometimes make efforts to improve the bond in the relationship, you might actually be doing things

10 Things Men Need To Stop Doing While Dating (2)


In part one of the 10 things men need to stop doing while dating, we talked about some of the nasty things men do and expect from their partners. These things include pretending you’re into someone just to get her laid, bullying people into messaging them back on social media,

Top 8 Most Exotic Perfumes In The World


Clive Christian $2,350 estimated to four hundred sixty-seven million four hundred fifteen thousand in naira. It is the first due to the fine, rare, and downright exotic ingredients it contains. This British Perfume House was first made famous 135 years ago by Queen Victoria and Clive Christian (an English millionaire and exclusive

Lize Shola Okoh: Demeaning Jokes About Women Stopped Being Funny a Long Time Ago


It seems like to be female in Nigeria is to be the butt of jokes. I had put off writing about this for a while, but after the hashtag “BeingFemaleInNigeria” recently took over Twittersville, I decided it was time to hit the nail on the head.  I’m sure you’ve all

Top 8 Foods That Help In Fighting Cancer

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Cancer is a deadly disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Types of cancer include cancer of lungs, blood, breast cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, bone cancer, anal cancer, gallbladder cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, salivary cancer and cervical