William Ifeanyi Moore: Is Your 9 to 5 affecting Your 5 to 9?


Contrary to popular belief that marriage has always been about romantic love as historical fiction might have us believe, the notion of marrying for love is actually not more than 200 years even in the so called ‘developed’ world. In Africa most of us can still cite polygamous marriages from

Ways You Can Have No Strings Attached Sex (2)


So, the last time out, we talked about some great things you can do to have sex only with nothing else attached. Some of these ideas included picking the right girl, making it clear that all you want is sex and never acting like a boyfriend. We shall continue in

Ways You Can Have No Strings Attached Sex (1)


For a lot of men that are still in the game, getting to have sex with a lady without any form of emotion or expectation is the apex of being a player in the game. It is apparent that a lot of complications could arise as a result of having

William Ifeanyi Moore: My Money or Our Money


WARNING: This post might cause offense. The faint hearted, sentimental, and overly traditional are advised to check their blood pressure before reading. William Ifeanyi Moore and BellaNaija will not be responsible for any outrage that ensues from reading.

Women in Zamfara troop out en masse to vote

FILE PHOTO: Voters diplay there voters card before casting there vote in Ijebu Ijesa Several women in Gusau, the Zamfara capital, on Saturday trooped out to various voting units to cast their votes for the governorship and state assembly elections.

Kaduna Police Assures Of Security During Elections

The Kaduna State Police Command has restated it’s preparedness to ensure peaceful conduct of Saturday’s governorship and House of Assembly elections across the state. Addressing Divisional Police Officers (DPO) and Area Commanders at the Police Officers Mess in the state capital on Wednesday, the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Umar

The 7 Best Lies Women Tell In Relationships

Even though no one wants to admit it, we all know that some women are prolific liars. These type are so skillful in the act that they almost never get caught at it which invariably makes them good cheaters (that’s a story for another day). From lying about their age to their

7 Rules Of Survival For The Promiscuous Man

Men are biologically wired to enjoy the thrill that comes with dating, romance, and sex. These things offer unequal excitement and satisfaction as a result of the love men have for conquest. Before getting to the sex stage, the fame is fully encompassed with misery, ecstacy, rejection and acceptance.

How To Handle Extremely Emotional Women

Every single man can relate to that feeling where one woman you know is angry at you for whatever reason you cannot fathom or perhaps for reasons that are at best insignificant. The reasons for the anger could be as trivial as failing to read her mind or forgetting to

What Is The Right Amount Of Sex To Get You Pregnant?

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye recently revealed they have been having sex as much as 500 times just for a second baby, but is that the right amount of sex or it’s less? The truth about such situation is that getting on IT several times a day is no