Nigerian Visa Reportedly Obtainable for N100 to N200 in 13 Countries

According to a report by Punch, a Nigerian visa is available for between N100 to N200 in a total of 13 countries. The countries this applies to are said to be: Mauritania, Monaco, Morroco, New Zealand, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Burma, Dominican, Chile and Colombia. Nationals of the aforementioned

After 252 years, English warship to be recovered off Uruguay

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay) (AFP) – A sunken English warship, perhaps holding a treasure chest of gold coins onboard, will be raised from its watery grave off the coast of Uruguay after being submerged for some 252 years, a treasure hunter announced.

Facebook Unveils Video Calling in Messenger

Facebook has launched video calling on the Facebook messenger. The  new feature shipped yesterday and will be available on Android and iOS in Nigeria and 17 other countries, a news release on the company’s website said.