5 Reasons You May Not Be Having Sex Regularly


Sex is an important part of relationship and a key part of marriage. There are however times that you may have a sexless relationship or even more worse, a sexless marriage. The former may be due to certain critical factors ranging from religious and cultural values to inability to gain

Certified And Fortified


By Sharon Jane Akinyemi If you have treated malaria three times in the last six months or if you are nursing a wound that is taking a longer time to heal, then you’re definitely going to want to pay close attention to what we’re about to share.

6 Actions That Can Lead To Male Infertility


Male infertility refers to the inability to impregnate a woman and it’s a very serious issue that needs to be tackled. Here are the likely reasons behind why men can be infertile.

Atoke’s Monday Morning Banter: Mind Over Muscle


I hated the sound of my neighbour’s generator – with a passion. Maybe they never serviced it, maybe the exhaust pipe was just too close to my window… but there was something about the non-harmonious blaring sound of that thing that always made me want to douse my oesophagus with

6 Simple Ways To Turn Friday Into FUNday


Friday night is a great opportunity to tear up the town and stay up until dawn. However, if you are feeling that after a stressful and hard working week you have less energy for that kind of thing, Naij.com has found for you alternative ways of spending your time.