The Coolest Alternatives for the Non- sandal girl


Are you one of those people who wear less fabric when it gets warmer but aren’t too keen on less material in the foot area? Whether you don’t wear sandals because you don’t think that your toes were made for sandals or you simply don’t like exposing your feet, you

10 Fashion Items Every Nigerian Man Should Have


Irrespective of the social divide you belong to, there are certain fashion items you must have in your wardrobe as a man. You don’t have to be rich to have these fashion items as there are relatively cheap yet classy ones. The most important thing is for you to know

What A Man’s Shoes Say About His Personality (2)


Last time out, we talked about some different types of shoes men wear and the types of personality such shoes exude. The truth is we acknowledge that one’s personality cannot be determined entirely from one’s shoes, and as such, we do not suggest writing off a man just because his

What A Man’s Shoes Says About His Personality (1)


A man’s shoes are inarguably one of the most important fashion accessories he wears. Just as the eyes are a window to the soul, so are shoes a window to his personality. As a man, the kind of shoe you choose to put on your feet provides an opportunity for