#360TvSeries : ‘Wicked City’ Gets Cancelled By ABC


Sadly for freshman series fan of “Wicked City” Kent and Betty’s murderous reign will be coming to an end a lot sooner than we might have anticipated. ABC has decided to pull the remaining episodes of its serial killer drama, Wicked city therefore becomes the first television series to be

#360TvSeries : Here Are Pictures From Empire Season 2 Episode 8 Titled “My Bad Parts”


Here are images from Empire Season 2 episode 8 titled  “My Bad Parts” which will air on Fox Network on November 18, 2015 From the pictures below there seems to be some sort of face-off battle between Empire, The Lyon Dynasty and The newly formed Ghetto Life records I’ll leave

#360TvSeries : Here Are Pictures From Arrow Season 4, Episode 5 Starring John Constantine


NBC might have killed of John Constantine but he isn’t dead on Arrow John Constantine played by Matt Ryan is an exorcist, demonologist and master of the dark arts-he pays a visit to Arrow in Star City to offer help to Oliver Queen’s sister Thea and The recently resurrected from