As Robbers Return To Lagos


Robbers are beginning to bare their fangs in Lagos after the long respite enjoyed by residents of the state. Their daring operation in Ikorodu on Wednesday and the killing of a pastor of Lord’s Chosen Church on Tuesday in Ijesha area of Lagos are just two instances of the underworld

See What Suspected Robbers Did To Escape Police


Three suspected robbers who were being pursued by police in Warri, Delta State on Tuesday escaped by doing the unexpected to the officials. The suspects allegedly sprayed bundles of Naira into a crowded street, thus causing commotion and aiding their escape.

SHOCKING:: Cooks Reveal Why They Poisoned Family


Victor Hounkpe and David Amusu, two cooks from Benin Republic have been arrested by the police for poisoning their employers.  According to Punch, the employers, Mr.

Angry Mob Burns Alive Robbers In Anambra State


Angry mob lynches two suspected robbers in Anambra state, setting them ablaze in broad daylight. These two criminals have ben allegedly terrorizing residents of Nkpor, robbing people at gunpoint.