William Ifeanyi Moore: My Money or Our Money


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How To Avoid Dating Complications With Single Mothers (2)


In the first part of this article, we talked about some important tips that can help you avoid complications if you’re the type of man interested in dating single mothers. These tips include being a provider, never agreeing to babysit, being as explicit as you can and walking away the

The 7 Best Lies Women Tell In Relationships

Even though no one wants to admit it, we all know that some women are prolific liars. These type are so skillful in the act that they almost never get caught at it which invariably makes them good cheaters (that’s a story for another day). From lying about their age to their

10 Reasons Why Mamas’ Boys Are Great Husband Materials

Over time, people have had controversies about mamas’ boys. They believe they are no good and women generally flee when they sense a man is so into his mother. A mama’s boy may not neccesarily be a man-child.

How To Handle Extremely Emotional Women

Every single man can relate to that feeling where one woman you know is angry at you for whatever reason you cannot fathom or perhaps for reasons that are at best insignificant. The reasons for the anger could be as trivial as failing to read her mind or forgetting to

Ali Baba Advises ‘Until You Walk a few Steps in Some People’s Shoes, Don’t Blame Them for Walking So Slow or too Fast’


Comedian Ali Baba is dishing out some relationship advice. He shared a viral meme of Amber Rose and Blac Chyna on his Instagram page and in his caption he advises people not to look at the surface only when it comes to the opposite sex and relationships. He wrote: I

7 Maniac Reasons Why Many Relationships Flop

Although, relationships exist in various forms and degree of closeness, however, relationships are different because of the unique combination of the individual characteristics of the couples involved. Tribune publication has it that you cannot therefore judge all relationships by the same rules.

Strength Of Love


By Aidy Thomas A husband, wife and their two young children were escaping from a city on a small boat. The waves were approximately three to four stories high.

‘I Bet’ Ciara Oozes Sex Appeal In Ballet Themed Video

Singer Ciara has released the visual interpretation for her single ‘I Bet’, where she performs as a sexy, emotionally torn ballerina. The singer whose engagement to Future was called off due to his alleged infidelity, showed off her post baby body and bet her baby daddy will “start loving me,

When The Fake Bae Thinks He Is The Real Bae (What To Do)

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a guy who won’t take no for an answer. No matter the tricks and tactics you’ve employed, he keeps coming back to you for reasons you can’t even comprehend. By force, this nigga wants to be your boyfriend.

New York Couple Homeless but in Love share their Story about Living on the Streets!


Most of us think that for a relationship to work, all the comfort of life must be present such as money, nice rides, homes etc. However, this New York couple, Takira and Will proved that love really transcends the material as they both live on the streets because they do not