Things Guys Look Out For In A Woman


Men are not as predictable as we think they are. Yes, they want beautiful women that can turn heads, complete with the perfect curves in the right places but that’s not all they desire in a woman, especially one they want to spend the rest of their lives with. The

7 Signs You Should Get Out Of That Relationship Now

Discontent Couple

  Ending a relationship is one of the hardest decisions to come to in life. This is because there are a lots of things to worry about, fears that exist in the relationship and problems to conquer but none of this beats that which comes with breaking up the relationship.

10 Reasons Why Good Guys Never Get Good Girls


Well, for reasons not far-fetched; most men are categorised into two groups, the bad guys and the good guys. This may not be true as we believe that the ideal man is one that walks a fine line between the two groups. A lot of women say they want a

6 Reasons Why Men Go Back To Their Ex For Sex


  Well, sex has some sort of crazy hold on humans and animals alike but if statistics that say men think about sex every 7 seconds are anything to go by, then people going back to their exes for sex shouldn’t be much of a surprise. While it seems to

7 Things You Can Never Hold A Woman Responsible For


Taking responsibility for ones actions is a clear sign of maturity bit holding people responsible for actions they know little or nothing about can be problematic to say the least. Given the complex nature of humans (women especially) , holding people responsible for certain actions they can’t even decipher will

Jamb Questions And The Annoying Toasters


Simi’s Jamb Question is such a good song, and everything about is fresh and refreshing. But probably the best thing about is the message and demographic it represents. Yes I’m talking about those of us girls that are tired of dry toasters, and their lame and unoriginal lines and styles

Sex And Marriage: Five Reasons Do It Before You Say I Do


Yeah, I know, sex is a big deal and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. No one should be having sex till they can fully be accountable for their actions. With sex, you have to be fully prepared as it can emotionally tie you down with the wrong person,

New To 360nobs! Introducing… ‘Ask Nikolai’


Ladies and gentlemen, we have now updated our Advice Seeker column and you have the chance to ‘Ask Nikolai’! Nikolai is someone you can always count on to get you in check because she gives it to you like it is.

Does Your Crush Like You Back? (QUIZ)


You have a hot friend, friend of a friend or maybe a co-worker who makes your stomach to flip upside down whenever you see this person? Your heart aches when your crush walks by and when his/her name pops up on your phone, you get butterflies that refuse to go away?

William Ifeanyi Moore: The Illusion of Experience


I have always been rather wary of my relative inexperience with relationships considering my age; and this has made me wonder just how qualified I am to address some of the issues I attempt to tackle in my writing. I found myself thinking somewhere along these lines after receiving a

5 Signs Your Spouse Has An Ego Problem


Ego addiction is a real problem facing today’s society. Ego addiction is characterised by always trying to seek consent and approval of your conscious self. In the world of today where celebrities are always trying constantly to outshine one another in a race to be at the top, ego addiction