Things Men Hate About Women

Let’s face it, women are full of drama. Hardly will a day go by without one drama. It is as if we thrive on it and the men in our lives are sometimes understanding and will overlook our shortcomings but there are days or some things we do they just

5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Misogynist

Misogynist abound and are much more common than we all think. Misogynist are men that believe that men are overall better than all women. Men that fall in this category believe that women are not equal with men and both genders should not be placed in the same pedestal.

ASK NK: Dear NK, To Text Or Not To Text?

NK is someone you can always count on to get you in check because she gives it to you like it is. Each week, you can email a question of your choice and Instagram name to ask.nikolai@yahoo.

Raw Onugbu: Mounting Body Counts

I remember coming across a story online where it was stated that Kim kardashian had slept with over 15 men in the entertainment industry, and a lot of people had something to say. But, I’d address Nigerians since we had a lot more to say. Before i go into that,

#Ladies Only: 6 Thoughts That Should Never Cross Your Mind

It’s common for ladies to want to make reasons why a guy left as soon as they put an end to the relationship. They ask questions of both their loyalty and that of the guy that left and the reasons why he lost interest.

10 Things Your Man Is Secretly Hoping You’d Try Out During Sex (2)

We talked about five of the things your man is hoping and dying to see you try out in bed. These things are guaranteed to spice up your relationship and marriage as you and him are bound to gain some sort of equal pleasure from such things. Some other things

Follow These Rules For Dating Your Coworker

Dating in the workplace may seem awkward or interesting, the root of the deliberation being whether the romance is worth it or not. Maybe it’s because we’re all super sober during office hours that’s why we don’t seem to notice the sweet office partner, but the idea of getting romantic in

Why You Should Date A Bad Boy

Before you push off that man you think is bad news and is destined to ruin your life, you should hold on a bit and stick around for a while to figure out who he really is; especially the one with the bad boy label. Not everyone of these bad

William Ifeanyi Moore: Sexonomy

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit over-stressed (this Lagos living has to be practice for hell), so instead of the introspective tone I normally write with, I have decided to let my hair down a bit (figuratively speaking). Sex…seemingly a free commodity with no regulations— of course

Nikolai’s Top 5: Signs You Are Falling Too Quickly for Him


Falling way too quickly for a guy before ‘relationship status’  has even been confirmed? Believe you me ladies, I understand the struggle. After being single for a good while, you jump at the first opportunity that comes your way because you’re fighting so hard to get out of your current

5 Reasons You May Not Be Having Sex Regularly


Sex is an important part of relationship and a key part of marriage. There are however times that you may have a sexless relationship or even more worse, a sexless marriage. The former may be due to certain critical factors ranging from religious and cultural values to inability to gain

6 Ways You Don’t Know You Are Ruining Your Relationship


The truth is a relationship can record little or no success without a relative amount of effort from both parties involved in it. The irony of this fact however is that even as you sometimes make efforts to improve the bond in the relationship, you might actually be doing things

ASK NK: Dear NK, How Do I Get Rid Of Her?


NK is someone you can always count on to get you in check because she gives it to you like it is. Each week, you can email a question of your choice and Instagram name to ask.nikolai@yahoo.

It’s Another Saturday… #10


Here’s a fresh episode of It’s Another Saturday    The Bride Wrecker Dele’s wife can be a pain in my ass sometimes. How can one be on the phone for three hours talking about nothing but asoebi, gele and designer clothes?

10 Ways You Can Take Your Sex Life From 0 To 100 (2)


In the part one of the 10 Ways You Can Take Your Sex Life From 0 to 100, we gave an insight into how you can get the desired sexual experience you want. The part 2 continues in the same vein with other important tips to achieving your desires.

10 Ways You Can Take Your Sex Life From 0 To 100 (1)


There comes a time when your sex life becomes somewhat boring perhaps because you’re passing through some form of stress or the other. It is important you consider sex as an important ingredient necessary for the survival of your relationship or marriage that you notice a decline in your normal

10 Things Men Need To Stop Doing While Dating (2)


In part one of the 10 things men need to stop doing while dating, we talked about some of the nasty things men do and expect from their partners. These things include pretending you’re into someone just to get her laid, bullying people into messaging them back on social media,