An Ode To My First Love (Episode 6)


I graduated top of my class with Lydia coming really close but you know what they say; almost never counts. Till date, me and Lydia remain friends. Not just her.

Justin Bieber has a new ‘relationship with God’

By Olumide adesida, with agency reports (Justin Bieber’s ‘relationship with God has been the coolest thing’. Photo: Filed) Justin Bieber‘s ‘relationship with God has been the coolest thing’ despite claiming he is ‘not religious’.

3 Things Internet Lists Will Never Help You Find


Every now and then, you would have seen lists with a caption like “4 ways to know he’s the one”, “5 things to do to get the man of your dreams” and so on. This lists are commonly found in magazines and online publications. I have also written a couple

Things Couples Do That Irritate Single People


Things Couple Do That Irritate Single People   Before I start, I will like to say that whatever I’m going to write may sound a little like bad-belleism but hey, you will also agree with me that these couple behaviours are very very irritating:

Building Self-Confidence


By Aidy Thomas Self-confidence is one asset anyone anticipating success in life should acquire. It starts basically from the perception you have about yourself.

William Ifeanyi Moore: Is Your 9 to 5 affecting Your 5 to 9?

Contrary to popular belief that marriage has always been about romantic love as historical fiction might have us believe, the notion of marrying for love is actually not more than 200 years even in the so called ‘developed’ world. In Africa most of us can still cite polygamous marriages from