Winifred Adebayo: Changing the Coloured World

I was at my dental appointment a few weeks ago. The dental assistant seemed like she was having the best day of her life; she was smiling every minute. She tried to start up a conversation while she set things up for my teeth cleaning.

People That Died In The Most Stupid Ways Possible


Various programs on cable television have shown different ways humans dangerously tread the thin line between life and death. Programs such as A Thousand Ways To Die shows us the folly and stupidity of humans as they do the unthinkable perhaps for the thrill in doing so or just for show

Kanye West addresses Class Division Issues at Oxford University Speech: ‘Class is the new way to discriminate against people’ not Racism!

While giving a speech at the Oxford University earlier in the week before jetting to Paris for the Fashion Week, Kanye West talked about class divisions and elitism as a plague on the modern world used to discriminate against people, though racism may be fading away.