Chinese restaurant shut down in Kenya for barring blacks

Chongquing Chinese restaurant: shut down for barring black customers A Chinese restaurant in the Kenyan capital Nairobi has been shut down and its owners summoned by authorities after it emerged it was barring black patrons, reports said Wednesday.

Nairobi based Incubator, C4DLab Innovation Lab, will now Operate as an Incubator-Accelerator

C4DLab, a startup incubator in the University of Nairobi, has announced that it will now serve as a startup incubator and an accelerator. The lab made this decision after consultations with several experts in startup innovation, incubation and acceleration within the ecosystem.

Watch Google Africa Live On YouTube

In honour of the International Women’s Day 2015, Google Africa hosted a chat with renowned business women from Nairobi, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Uganda on the topic “Making it in business“.

Transit App Maps Out Public Transportation Routes In Nairobi

Commuters in Nairobi can now access the routes of the over 20,000 matatus (public buses) operating in the city, with the Transit App. The app which was populated with data made available by the University of Nairobi, Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Groupshot, and MIT’s Civic Design Lab

Introducing Mille Collines


Africa first is the main vision of Rwandan fashion label, Mille Collines. Rather than focusing on the highly saturated international fashion market, the luxury brand prides itself on keeping its production and distribution centred around the continent by working with over 270 local artisans.

Update: Uber Finally Launches In Kenya

Uber, the world’s largest online taxi hailing platform, is finally available in Kenya. The service will hit Nairobi’s streets next week, and is typically offering first time users free rides via a promo, in concert with a local restaurant discovery platform.

Aliko Dangote Named Forbes Africa Person of the Year 2014


Nigerian billionaire businessman, Aliko Dangote, has been named Forbes Africa Person of the Year 2014. The announcement was made at the unveiling ceremony, which took place in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, CNBC Africa reports. Speaking on the award, a panel of judges at the event said: “Aliko Dangote is a

Al-Shabab Militants Separate Christians from Muslims at Quarry in Kenya & Kill 36 of Them


Suspected Al-Shabab militants attacked a quarry in northeastern Kenya early on Tuesday morning. They reportedly separated the Christians from Muslim quarry workers, and opened fire on the Christians, killing 36 of them. The incident took place in Kormey village, 9 miles from Mandera, which is close to the Somalian border,