Wait! This Is Nadia Buari’s Baby Daddy?

Since the arrival of her babies,  fans have been dead curious to know who fathered the kids, but the actress hasn’t said anything yet. Her mum however, posted the photo below with that caption “I’m totally obsessed with how he’s obsessed with her.

First Photos Of Nadia Buari’s Twins

This is a photo of nadia’s twins (claims) and word is that the photo was taken under strict restrictions because her family members didn’t allow any photo of the twins to be taken. There’s also gist that Jim Iyke has a copy of the photo for his new Tattoo and

Nadia Buari Confirms Birth Of Twins

32-year-old Ghanian actress Nadia Buari on Thursday, confirmed that indeed she gave birth to twins, as reported online. The story of her delivery of twin girls broke on March 2, 2015.

Nadia Buari confirms Birth of Twin Babies with a Thankful Message to Her Fans for their Love!

Shortly after Ghanaian news media reported that Nadia Buari had delivered a set of twins, which they claimed was confirmed by her Father, the Ghollywood star actress has now taken to Instagram to confirm the birth of her babies, while also thanking her fans for the affection shown to her and her ‘little

Ghollywood Actress Nadia Buari Confirms the Birth of her Twins


A fews days ago Ghanaian news outlets reported that Ghollywood actress Nadia Buari had given birth to twins (click here if you missed it). The information was said to have been confirmed by her father and now Nadia Buari herself has taken to Instagram to thank her fans for the

Jim Iyke Reportedly NOT The Father Of Nadia Buari’s Twins

After news broke out of Nadia Buari‘s delivery of twins, many suspected that her baby daddy would be actor bff/ex-fiance, Jim Iyke. According to reports from Ghana however, Iyke, who proposed to Buari on an episode of his reality show, Jim Iyke: Unscripted, is not the father of the child.

Wait What? Nadia Buari Gave Birth To Twins?


Several sources are reporting that the star nollywood actress, Nadia Buari, has given birth to twins. No official word from Nadia Buari herself or Jim Iyke (her supposed fiancee) as of yet.