12 Wrong Reasons To Get Married


Being married is certainly not a life step that should be taken lightly. But often times, people do it for all the wrong reasons and it ends up leading to a bitter marriage or even divorce.

New To 360nobs! Introducing… ‘Ask Nikolai’


Ladies and gentlemen, we have now updated our Advice Seeker column and you have the chance to ‘Ask Nikolai’! Nikolai is someone you can always count on to get you in check because she gives it to you like it is.

8 Signs He Will Be Good In Bed


We have provided you with the signs that a woman would make a good sexual partner, but it is not just men that are interested in having a good time in bed.

ONLINE DATING: How To Make Her Love You Before You Meet


In recent times, people have taken to different places and platforms to meet their lover. The internet is no exception. A lot of people have been able to strike up and maintain a relationship with someone they meet online, and you can too.

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed To Fail


There is a popular saying ‘love conquers all’? However, this is not always the case. Often times, you might have strong feelings for someone but the relationship is not as strong as it should be.

It’s Another Saturday… #1


PROLOGUE She lights four candles and places them at different compass points. A green candle in the north, a red in the south, a blue in the west and a yellow in the east.

7 Important Things Women Want You To Do In Bed


It is easy for men to focus on the act of receiving pleasure when it comes to intimacy, but the things that can make a girl truly swoon can be very surprising. If you are not doing these things listed below, then you are most probably not satisfying her the

You Want More Sex, More Women? Become A Single Dad


Being a single dad is not for the faint-hearted, the heart breakers or the players. It is for grown ass men who understand what responsibility and love are. It might have been pretty easy to knock a woman up but it gets darn serious when your baby takes its first

How To Get Your Friend To Fall In Love With You


Are you that guy that seem to be stuck in the “friendzone” with a girl you really like? It can be very upsetting if this is the case, as nothing hurts more than watching the one you love with someone else.

William Ifeanyi Moore: The Illusion of Experience


I have always been rather wary of my relative inexperience with relationships considering my age; and this has made me wonder just how qualified I am to address some of the issues I attempt to tackle in my writing. I found myself thinking somewhere along these lines after receiving a

Abuja Residents Express Divergent on Why they Think Women are Reluctant to Spend on Men


Some Abuja residents on Monday expressed divergent views over women’s reluctance to spend on men. The residents, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), described such action as cultural and appropriate. Israel Okoye, a civil servant, said some ladies would not spend on their men “because it is

An Ode To My First Love (Episode 6)


I graduated top of my class with Lydia coming really close but you know what they say; almost never counts. Till date, me and Lydia remain friends. Not just her.