New Music: FlyBoi – Love


FLYBOI is back with a new single titled LOVE . This love song of longing and yearning, laced with humour, has melodic HIGHLIFE influences. Rendered in a sweet mix of IGBO and ENGLISH, LOVE secures FLYBOI position as a creative artiste in the Nigerian Music industry.

It’s Another Saturday… #10


Here’s a fresh episode of It’s Another Saturday    The Bride Wrecker Dele’s wife can be a pain in my ass sometimes. How can one be on the phone for three hours talking about nothing but asoebi, gele and designer clothes?

These 10 loved-up photos of Chidinma and Flavour will excite you

(Flavour and Chidinma continue to be linked together and it didn’t start with the debut of their classy video for ‘Ololufe’. Photo: Instagram) For sometime, these two singers, surely among the best in the land, have been romantically linked but they both deny it with every opportunity.

Should Couples Keep Secrets From Each Other?


It is said that you cannot ever truly know a person, hence it is almost impossible to expect that you should know every little thing about your partner. But is it right to knowingly keep secrets from the person you claim to love?

7 Things Men Find Attractive In Women

While men can be seemingly complicated beings, there are a few character traits that will draw their eyes and attention to any woman. A pretty woman

Woman Writes The Perfect Response To Tinder Date Who Said She Was Too Fat To Fall In Love With

Meet Michelle Thomas, the unlucky lady who ended up on a Tinder date with a guy, Simon. After their Tinder date Michelle received a pretty nasty message explaining that she is too big for him to seriously consider dating as he would not be able to get an erection when

William Ifeanyi Moore: Don’t Say You Love Me


These three words – ‘I Love You’ – often said, rarely meant, mostly misunderstood. We have the movies and love songs to thank for the unspoken attachment we have given to these words. In most relationships there is even some sort of power struggle as to who says it first; and oh

How To Kiss


Kissing is one of the favorite parts of falling in love. Do you know that kissing someone for a minute burns down calories?