You Want More Sex, More Women? Become A Single Dad


Being a single dad is not for the faint-hearted, the heart breakers or the players. It is for grown ass men who understand what responsibility and love are. It might have been pretty easy to knock a woman up but it gets darn serious when your baby takes its first

How To Get Your Friend To Fall In Love With You


Are you that guy that seem to be stuck in the “friendzone” with a girl you really like? It can be very upsetting if this is the case, as nothing hurts more than watching the one you love with someone else.

William Ifeanyi Moore: The Illusion of Experience


I have always been rather wary of my relative inexperience with relationships considering my age; and this has made me wonder just how qualified I am to address some of the issues I attempt to tackle in my writing. I found myself thinking somewhere along these lines after receiving a

Abuja Residents Express Divergent on Why they Think Women are Reluctant to Spend on Men


Some Abuja residents on Monday expressed divergent views over women’s reluctance to spend on men. The residents, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), described such action as cultural and appropriate. Israel Okoye, a civil servant, said some ladies would not spend on their men “because it is

An Ode To My First Love (Episode 6)


I graduated top of my class with Lydia coming really close but you know what they say; almost never counts. Till date, me and Lydia remain friends. Not just her.

Qualities We Want Our Perfect Girlfriend To Have (1)


Everyone must have heard the phrase that no one is perfect and that sure seems right given the fact that everyone strives but perfection which isn’t an easy task. Well, the context of perfection here refers to women knowing what their guys really want which is difficult but achievable. Just

Things Couples Do That Irritate Single People


Things Couple Do That Irritate Single People   Before I start, I will like to say that whatever I’m going to write may sound a little like bad-belleism but hey, you will also agree with me that these couple behaviours are very very irritating:

Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married To A Nigerian Man


It is no doubt that Nigerian men make wonderful lovers; they are sweet, kind, thoughtful, maybe not very romantic but romantic still and good in bed too. It is also no doubt that these men are very rare to come by in Nigeria. Maybe by default or societal conditioning, most

Yvonne Nelson Misses Falling in Love, Tweets ‘Seriously don’t remember the last time I was truly in love’


Ghollywood actress Yvonne Nelson is feeling nostalgic about love this morning. Using her twitter account, she shared that she misses falling in love and can’t remember the last time she was truly in love. She wrote: I miss falling inlove……..

Ways Of Remaining Friends With Your Ex After Breaking Up


There’s this common saying among the male folk that ” a man that hasn’t experienced a break up is a toddler” which may be applicable to all and sundry given the fact that heartbreaks help in one way or the other to shape the person we become. Often times, we

5 Reasons Why Curvy Girls Are The Best In Bed


Beauty has nothing to do with size, it has everything to do with confidence. When it comes to good loving, curvy girls hold the most pleasurable secrets to making any man happy (this doesn’t mean slimmer girls don’t).