Why Do Some People Prefer Older Partners? FCT Residents Share Their Opinions


A cross section of respondents interviewed by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said that the issue of maturity and stability was one of the major reasons some people preferred older partners to much younger ones. Ojo Asaju, a Civil Servant at Gwagwalada told NAN that most women preferred older

American Woman Wires $1.4 Million to Online Lover in Africa She Has Never Met


A few weeks ago, BN brought you the news about a 53-year-old American man who sent $100,000 to his Nigerian “wife” whom he had met online but hadn’t seen in-person. And now, a similar case is being reported by Daily Mail. This time, an American woman named Sarah has sent

Opinion Poll: Ballsy Or Foolish?

Valentine’s day was some days back and as usual, it was a day to celebrate and appreciate the person/people in your life. So many celebrated in different ways; some went on a private boat cruise, romantic dinner for two, some just stayed at home to enjoy the company of the