Qualities We Want Our Perfect Girlfriend To Have (1)


Everyone must have heard the phrase that no one is perfect and that sure seems right given the fact that everyone strives but perfection which isn’t an easy task. Well, the context of perfection here refers to women knowing what their guys really want which is difficult but achievable. Just

Things Couples Do That Irritate Single People


Things Couple Do That Irritate Single People   Before I start, I will like to say that whatever I’m going to write may sound a little like bad-belleism but hey, you will also agree with me that these couple behaviours are very very irritating:

Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married To A Nigerian Man


It is no doubt that Nigerian men make wonderful lovers; they are sweet, kind, thoughtful, maybe not very romantic but romantic still and good in bed too. It is also no doubt that these men are very rare to come by in Nigeria. Maybe by default or societal conditioning, most

Yvonne Nelson Misses Falling in Love, Tweets ‘Seriously don’t remember the last time I was truly in love’


Ghollywood actress Yvonne Nelson is feeling nostalgic about love this morning. Using her twitter account, she shared that she misses falling in love and can’t remember the last time she was truly in love. She wrote: I miss falling inlove……..

Ways Of Remaining Friends With Your Ex After Breaking Up


There’s this common saying among the male folk that ” a man that hasn’t experienced a break up is a toddler” which may be applicable to all and sundry given the fact that heartbreaks help in one way or the other to shape the person we become. Often times, we

5 Reasons Why Curvy Girls Are The Best In Bed


Beauty has nothing to do with size, it has everything to do with confidence. When it comes to good loving, curvy girls hold the most pleasurable secrets to making any man happy (this doesn’t mean slimmer girls don’t).

Things A Man Should Do Before He Is Thirty (2)


Last time out, we talked about some amazing things that every guy below 30 is expected to have done. Some of these things include knowing how to drive, dance, swim, going on a road trip and starting your own business. We would be looking at more interesting things that you

Seun Tuyo: Loving the Body You’re In


Ever wished you had a mirror just like Snow White’s wicked stepmother’s? One that would flatter you each time you looked yourself in it, saying you are the fairest of them all? Instead your mirror criticizes the size of your chin, flat chest, the unattractive mergers around your stomach and

8 Signs To Know He Wants To Marry You


Girls, we can jointly agree that it can be really tough to tell what our partners are thinking especially when it comes to commitment. Sometimes it may be so easy to sense what they are up to due to our strong intuition and sometimes, we don’t need to worry about

How To Handle Extremely Emotional Women

Every single man can relate to that feeling where one woman you know is angry at you for whatever reason you cannot fathom or perhaps for reasons that are at best insignificant. The reasons for the anger could be as trivial as failing to read her mind or forgetting to

Love is a Joke


Okay, I know you probably wondering; “How can a topic as controversial as love be a joke to somebody?” Yea! I know