How A Man Should Dress Up For The First Date (2)


The last time, we talked about some very important factors that a stylish man should put into consideration when going on a first date with his acquaintance. Some of these factors include the type of setting, colours of the dress and how comfortable you are in the outfit you choose.

How A Man Should Dress Up For The First Date (1)


The age long sayings that “dress the way you want to be addressed” and “first impression matters the most” still hold true even today. It is ideal for every man to know the right attire to don for every occasion and same applies for the first date. Your appearance for

How Men Expect A Lady To Dress For A First Date (1)


Contrary to the popular misconception that we guys are not concerned with the appearance of our romantic interest to the first date, we actually do care a lot than we admit. In the real sense, women are known to be more fashionable than men but that doesn’t mean we have