Why You Should Consider Dating A Yoruba Guy Ahead Of Other Tribes

Well, this article would probably touch a few nerves but I’d like to give a caveat here, I’m not a tribalist! Needless to say, the truth must be said sometimes even if it doesn’t sound pleasing to the ears. If you intend to get through this article to the end,

10 Things Men Need To Stop Doing While Dating (2)


In part one of the 10 things men need to stop doing while dating, we talked about some of the nasty things men do and expect from their partners. These things include pretending you’re into someone just to get her laid, bullying people into messaging them back on social media,

7 Signs It’s Time To Give Your Best Friend Space


Everyone including geeks have a friend that ranks above the rest. The best friend serves as your confidant and someone you are free around. Such people get so entrenched in our lives that they almost become a part of us.

How A Man Should Dress Up For The First Date (2)


The last time, we talked about some very important factors that a stylish man should put into consideration when going on a first date with his acquaintance. Some of these factors include the type of setting, colours of the dress and how comfortable you are in the outfit you choose.

How A Man Should Dress Up For The First Date (1)


The age long sayings that “dress the way you want to be addressed” and “first impression matters the most” still hold true even today. It is ideal for every man to know the right attire to don for every occasion and same applies for the first date. Your appearance for

How Men Expect A Lady To Dress For The First Date (2)


The last time we gave some insightful ideas to the women on how we expect them to dress up when we take them out on dates. Some of the things we suggested include being appropriately dressed, comfortable, and unique in their appearance. We shall continue in the same vein to

Ways Of Remaining Friends With Your Ex After Breaking Up


There’s this common saying among the male folk that ” a man that hasn’t experienced a break up is a toddler” which may be applicable to all and sundry given the fact that heartbreaks help in one way or the other to shape the person we become. Often times, we

5 Great Ideas For A First Date

Choosing where to go to on a first date is just as important as the kind of clothes you decide to wear to a job interview. A lot of the male folk become jittery with picking the right place for a first date given the fact that they believe showing