HAIR-volution! Is Gray The New Black?

Just a few years ago, it was a nightmare to have any trace of gray hair as it was considered a thing for older women. Now gray hair is taking the fashion world by storm with most young people searching beauty stores for that perfect gray hair.

PDP, Presidency behind election postponement plot – APC

“The APC appealed to the Chief Justice of the Federation (CJN) to ensure that the courts are not used as a tool to sabotage the elections”. The post PDP, Presidency behind election postponement plot – APC appeared first on Premium Times Nigeria.

Man Faces Likely Jail Term For Kissing Blind Woman Who Thought He Was Someone Else‏


A man has been told he faces a possible jail sentence after he kissed and groped a blind woman who thought he was someone else. Stephen Hayes, 27, started slow dancing with the woman who believed he was a man she had met earlier in the evening. She realised he was someone

Christina Milian Works Out Just To Have Kim Kardashian’s Type Of Booty? [PHOTOS]

It’s a fight to finish for the R&B singer and actress. The 33-year-old and her younger sister were spotted during a vigorous workout at a park in Studio City, California. And it seems like there are no days off for Christina and Lizzy Milian as they were spotted getting their sweat

GEJs ‘Amateurish Governance': Students suffering under govt of “execu-thieves, legisla-thieves and judi-sharers” — NANS

NANS has criticised President Jonathan government over its failure to tackle the problems of corruption, insecurity, unemployment and power. It accused the present leadership of practicing a religion of corruption which has negatively affected students.