Pinnick spits fire on Eagles: Buckle up or be bundled out!


Patriotic fervour, defined by hard –fighting spirit, positive attitude and pride in wearing the green-white-green, was the underlying message on Wednesday night as chieftains of the Nigeria Football Federation held a frank-talk session with players and officials of the Super Eagles, following the shock 0-1 loss to Uganda in Uyo.

Nigeria hopes Tech can curb Legacy of Electoral Fraud


Nigeria’s electoral commission says it has found a means to fight fraud that has marred votes repeatedly in Africa’s most populous nation: technology. According to Bloomberg, while its decision to use biometric voter-card readers in general elections, starting March 28 is favoured by Muhammadu Buhari’s opposition alliance, President Goodluck Jonathan’s

Standard & Poor’s good news on Nigeria


“There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.

TMG Deploys Quick Count Methodology For Elections

The Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), a coalition of over 4,000 election observers across Nigeria, has deployed a quick count methodology for the Saturday’s elections. According to the group’s Chairman, Ibrahim Zikirullahi, the elections results collation and counting method would rely on coded messages sent in by members who are observers, deployed

Which way will the world vote?


It’s not only Nigerians who have a decision to make this weekend. An influential band of foreigners from London to New York to Tokyo will be casting their vote too on Nigeria’s future. Welcome to the world of big-money managers: The people who control hundreds of billions of dollars in

Like Venezuela, like Nigeria


The Financial Times on February 9, 2015 published an article by Venezuelan journalist and political scientist Francisco Toro, titled ‘Venezuela’s collapse has nothing to do with falling oil prices’. In the article, Toro presents a counter narrative to the present collapse of the Venezuelan economy, away from the “too easy”

X-raying UEFA Champions League quarter final draws


The draw for the Champions League quarter-finals has been made, and there are fascinating and titanic clashes on the cards. We take a detailed analysis and predict which teams will progress to the final four. PSG v Barcelona Paris Saint-Germain got the reward for eliminating one of tournament favourites Chelsea

Financial freedom…walking to the top


In climbing the ladder of life, financial goals or business, we naturally encounter challenges either caused by us or those in existence on their own, which we must confront and conquer to get to our destination. In appreciating these challenges, which most times are called problems, we are ordinarily weighed

Tech News: Amazon force workers to sign agreement

Amazon is known for releasing its seasonal workers without warning or explanation. Labour lawyers say so far, there has been no proof that Amazon is enforcing these agreements.

Children’s natural individuality


Some people believe birth order play a part in who children are. ANNE AGBAJE asks experts about human innate distinctiveness in children Chiamaka Nnadi is a mother of three who worries about the birth order of her kids. For some years, she has keenly observed how each of them respond

A day of fun for parents, children


Parents and their children won’t have asked for a more exciting and engaging weekend than what had taken place during the Chalcedony School family fun day,  as the children came in mass with their families, friends and loved ones to spend quality time together and create more bonding amongst themselves.

Heidi Klum Says Kim Kardashian Made Curvier Women More Acceptable in the Fashion Industry


It looks like Kim Kardashian West is to praise for the fashion industry’s acceptance of curvier figures. At least according to model & America’s Next Top Model creator, Heidi Klum. According to Heidi via Glamour, she credits Kim for helping change the attitude towards curvier body shapes by proudly displaying

Christina Milian opens up on Her Relationship with Lil Wayne, ‘When You Have Something Special It’s like Everybody Picks Apart Words’


Music star Christina Milian’s relationship with rapper Lil Wayne has been the source of a lot of talk in the past few months and now, in Latina Magazine’s May 2015 issue, the 33-year-old entertainer opens up about her relationship, learning from her mistakes and more. Read excerpts from her interview