Kim Kardashian Loses 1.3 Million Followers on Instagram as Several Inactive and Spam Accounts Gets Purged


Instagram had what is called an ‘account rapture’ this week in which several inactive and spam accounts from the Social Media’s database were deleted. This effort from Instagram to clean up their systems led to several users seeing a drop in their follower count, and Kim Kardashian was not an exception.

New Season, New Scams?!


Christmas or “Ember” time as some people call it brings its share of happiness but also scams, road blocks to extort money from motorists and robberies. This screen shot has been circulating the web – this person claims a fake bank alert was sent to dupe their friend. What new scams

Photos: You Wont Believe A Family Of 5 Survived This Accident


This Lagos family of 5 will be thanking their God as it’s pretty amazing how all 5 of them were able to get out of this wrecked car alive. According to various sources of twitter, a container being carried on a trailer tipped over, fell on this car and completely

Chris Brown and Amber Rose Pictured Rocking in Club

Amber Rose was pictures backing her ass up into Chris Brown at a club earlier this week. Both celebrity figures are single after going through nasty breakups just recently. Amber Rose is now separated from husband Wiz Khalifa who she has a child with while Chris Brown broke up with

U.S. restates support for Nigeria in fight against Boko Haram

The United States said on Friday in Abuja that it remains committed to helping the Federal Government in tackling the threat of Boko Haram and other extremist organisations to the country. This is contained in a statement issued by the Public Affairs Department embassy in Nigeria. It said the U.

Sierra Leone’s Leading Doctor in the Treatment of Ebola Dies Shortly Before the Arrival of Experimental ZMab Drug


Victor Willoughby, Sierra Leone’s leading doctor in the treatment of the dreaded Ebola disease was reported to have died of Ebola on Thursday, a few hours after the experimental drug, ZMab, that was intended to use in treating him arrived in the country, the chief medical officer of the government