Woman turns 40, had no man…and decided to marry herself. See her wedding pics

Yasmin Eleby from Houston, Texas promised herself when she was much younger that if she hit 40 and wasn’t married, she would marry herself. And so when she hit 40 recently and wasn’t married and didn’t even have a man, she kept that promise to herself. Yasmin threw herself a

Healthy Monday: Don’t Lose the Fight Against Excess Weight! Address These Common Weight Loss Impediments Instead


“Healthy Monday is our way of kicking off the week with useful health tips and information put together by our team of health consultants.” In this week’s edition, we will be discussing two major factors that may be preventing you from losing weight despite all your diet plans and exercise regimen.

Photos: EKSU students brutalized during protest in Epe today

There was rioting between students of Ekiti State State University (EKSU) and the management of one of its affiliate colleges, Michael Otedola College of Primary Education in Noforija, Epe Lagos State where some students were allegedly brutalized by security men drafted by the school to disperse them.Heard the riot was

Nikon to host exclusive Nikon School Special Event and “I Am Learning” Photo Competition

Nikon is proud to present the “Nikon School Special” event, which will feature workshops from accomplished photographers and professionals, where they will be providing tips on different aspects of photography and videography. The event will be held on February 6 and 7from 10am to 5pm daily at Sheba Centre located at