T5 Fat Burners.


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“Don’t Judge All South Africans Because Of A Few” – President Zuma Responds To Xenophobia Criticism


President Jacob Zuma of South Africa has asked the world not to judge South Africans because of the actions of a few. Zuma said this in an open letter to Mozambican writer Mia Couto, who had expressed displeasure over the murder of foreign nationals in the country.

Facebook Unveils Video Calling in Messenger

Facebook has launched video calling on the Facebook messenger. The  new feature shipped yesterday and will be available on Android and iOS in Nigeria and 17 other countries, a news release on the company’s website said.

Islamic State militants kill five journalists in Libya

Militants from the Islamic State group have slit the throats of five journalists working for a Libyan TV station in the eastern part of the country, an army commander said on Monday. The reporters had been missing since August, when they left the eastern city of Tobruk after covering the

Stella Featured In German Daily Ruhr Nachrichten.


Well it is just a small insertion but it is big deal to be recognised and celebrated as an ''Auslaender'' inside Germany in NRW's most popular Daily. It is a thing of Joy and it gladdens my heart and i give all Glory to God . Being recognised does not