Britain Borders Must Not Be Closed To Immigrants

Editor’s note: Both the United States and the British governments are currently struggling and trying to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants. Osilama Okuofu,’s contributor, X-rays the roles these countries have played in influencing the existence of other smaller countries and admonishes that having given hopes to the citizens

Ellen Page: Actress says acting LGBTQ roles is not bravery

The openly-gay actress tells TIME magazine, ''Maybe this is a bad thing to say, but I have a hard time when people call actors brave. I don’t really get that, because our job is to read something on a page."

Why would a grown man sell his kidney because of money?

Media entrepreneur, Betty Irabor questions why a grown man would sell such a vital part of his body. Considering the amount of Nigerians going to Malaysia & other countries to do so, we've got to ask. Why sell your kidney for money?

#Nollywood Movie Review Of ‘Ikogosi’

Ikogosi Three couples embark on a retreat in order to strengthen their marriages, but unpalatable revelations towards the end of their vacation throw up unforeseen conflicts.

Petrol bomb hits another refugee home in Germany

German police said unknown assailants attacked a refugee home early Friday in Salzhemmendorf, near Hanover, with a petrol bomb setting carpet and mattress ablaze. The former school in the village of Salzhemmendorf, near Hanover, served as home to more than 30 refugees.

With These 10 Steps You’ll Easily Make Anyone Fall In Love With You!

Remember, the genie from Aladdin said he could do anything, except killing people or forcing them to fall in love with somebody (perhaps, because this is pretty much the same)? But in fact you do not need a genie to make someone fall in love with you – you can

Customs Impounds Vehicles, Goods Worth 545Million Naira

The Federal Operations Unit Zone C of the Nigeria Customs Service has impounded contraband with total duty paid value of five hundred and forty five (545) Million naira. These goods ranging from vehicles, second hand clothing, school bags, expired bags of rice and cartons of engine oil.